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Lops and Associates is a boutique law firm based in Milan and Rome that acts throughout Italy.


The firm assists clients of all nationalities in matters of Italian family law, helping them to resolve conflicts involving separation and divorce, finances and property division, spousal and child support, custody and visitation rights, parental child abduction and child relocation, post-judgment enforcement, modification proceedings, restraining orders, paternity, civil liability, inheritance, and probate matters.


The firm has well-established links with international law firms worldwide and assists clients in complex cross-border cases.

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The firm assists clients and advises other lawyers on all Italian family and children's law areas, with particular expertise in cases with international and multi-jurisdictional elements, including international child abduction cases and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.


The firm's team guides the clients at each step of the legal dispute and constantly updates them on their cases, including through videoconferences and file-sharing apps.

Collaborative Law Services

Lops and Associates offers collaborative law services focused on promoting civility and long-term well-being, supporting the practice of resolving legal disputes out of Court. 

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Divorce lawyers use the most effective communication strategy to negotiate and settle legal disputes out of Court, assisting clients in a process that will lead to a fair and workable agreement.


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The firm collaborates with a trained and experienced mediator, who can help the parties reach an agreement through a process that is less expensive and distressing than fighting in Court.


Where Court becomes unavoidable, the lawyers resolutely issue and defend proceedings in Court.


The firm's attorneys are admitted to the Italian Bar and have the rights of audience to conduct any cases (civil, criminal, or administrative) in Courts. They have extensive experience representing clients in family law matters, including cross-border cases, and in Courts throughout Italy.

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The firm's legal team has extensive experience with complex financial issues and provides

- support to address business valuation and taxation,
- property division,
- investigative and forensic accounting issues,
- shareholders remedies,
- trusts,
- multi-jurisdictional issues, and
- conflicts of laws.


The firm has experience dealing with high-profile clients, their needs, and their confidential company information. The firm knows that discretion is of utmost importance to the clients and strives to protect each client's privacy. 

criminal law

Lops and Associates also deals with personal protection and harassment issues, which may feature domestic violence and international parental child abduction. 

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Vanda Lops is the founder and managing partner of Lops and Associates, a law firm based in Milan.

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